Mitchell Macadam Ltd specialises in bituminous and asphalt surfacing from multi layered asphaltic roadways to motorways.

Mitchell Macadam has the resources and the qualified staff to carry out work for both private and local authority work. Mitchell Macadam’s surveying and quality control measures insure the same high standard of work regardless of size of the job. Mitchell Macadam Ltd  is also working towards ISO 9001 approved.

Mitchell Macadam Ltd Contracting division offers unrivalled expertise in the supply and lay of superior quality bituminous road surfacing materials.

Roadstone is one of the main suppliers of Tarmacadam and Asphalt products to Mitchell Macadam Ltd. Roadstone are the main manufacturers for the supply of products for the construction industry and have highest commitment to producing the best quality produce which is guaranteed & supported by NSAI certified systems. At Mitchell Macadam Ltd the main material we use is Bitumen Macadam, Stone Mastic Asphalt or Asphalt Concrete. Mitchell Macadam Ltd recommends Asphalt concrete to be used on all national/non-national roadways, driveways, car parks and pathways. It is durable, has a good load bearing capability, you get a uniform even finish and it is available in a range of mixes.  Mitchell Macadam surveyors can recommend the most suitable for you on inspecting your site.  All produce used by Mitchell Macadam Ltd is 100% recyclable.

Surface Types

At Mitchell Macadam we offer several types of bituminous materials in a full range of colours that we can on roads, driveways and footpaths. Our surveyor will survey each individual job and recommend the ideal material to use, taking into consideration the drainage and wearing purpose etc. To arrange a free no obligation call out please contact Tom Mitchell 087 2644472 or email us at

Commercial Projects & Clients

Mitchell Macadam Ltd has been contracted to Irelands leading construction companies including:

Public Sector Projects & Clients

Mitchell Macadam has also been contracted to Government bodies such as

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