Our Civil/Groundworks:

Civil/Groundworks are required for all types of construction projects, from driveways to motorways, to guarantee that no difficulties or hazards arise. Civil/groundworks is a time-consuming operation that necessitates exceptional accuracy to guarantee that no issues with site clearing, drainage, or irrigation arise. Mitchell Macadam provides highly qualified crews with the latest plant and equipment to guarantee that your groundworks are carried out correctly and professionally. Mitchell Macadam are civil and groundwork specialists who have worked on a variety of commercial and residential projects across Ireland. We can ensure that all our staff have all the correct health and safety training records along with the correct qualifications needed to complete any groundworks.

What Types of Civil/Groundwork Does Mitchell Macadam Complete?

Site Clearance and Excavation:

Mitchell Macadam performs minor and large-scale site clearing and excavation projects, ensuring that all heavy materials is removed prior to any surveying or tarmacadam construction.


Mitchell Macadam provides backfilling services to assist reinforce the site's overall foundations and cover any bore or excavation holes. As a result, any possible health and safety risk posed by these components are eliminated.

Drainage and Irrigation:

We can ensure that the optimal drainage system is implemented to your site thanks to our highly qualified civil/groundworks staff. We can ensure that the foundation for your site and all pipes are laid correctly with exceptional accuracy and precision.


Mitchell Macadam provides a site cleaning and levelling service to guarantee that your site is appropriately prepared for surveying and tarmacadam work.

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